Some Great Reward

Sunday, October 15, 2006


I claimed my blog and added a few things to my watchlist just to test it out. I kind of feel like I have really put myself out there now! It lists your links on your site, recent posts, description of your blog (and tags), traffic history, a graph with frequency of posts, the last time you posted and how many people list you as one of their favorite blogs. The pressure is on now! And it's strange to think this post will be on there now. A technorati post on technorati. heh

I can' t say I was suprised that popular blogs are usually about techno gadgets and whatnot. Nor was I really surprised that YouTube is the top search and tag. Madonna was also in there because of the recent focus on her adoption of a Malawi boy. However, I was confused by one item on the list- "Mouse Orgy". Curious, I checked it out and let's just say some characters at the Paris Disney park were caught on video doing inappropriate things. I would say that qualifies as surprising and interesting, I guess!

As a side note, the management team of Technorati all have blogs (unsurprisingly). Here is the founder and CEO's (David L. Sifry) blog- He is also a photographer, you can see his work on Flickr.


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