Some Great Reward

Monday, October 30, 2006


Ok, I promise I didn't know that our next "thing" was YouTube when I created my previous post! So, I will just elaborate on what I have already said. Some of my favorite features of the site include the viewing history, the ability to email people the videos, and ranking the results by relevance, date addes, number of views or the rating it has received. One of my dislikes is the search engine. Sometimes it is hard to find what you are looking for and to wade through all the junk. Another issue is copyright infringement. Just today Comedy Central asked them to remove their material from the site. It is being speculated more of this will happen with Google in charge of the site.

Since the last video I posted from YouTube was a music video (I usually use the site for music related stuff), I searched for library related clips this time. I found this really cool video that a library stystem in Indiana used for their staff day. It is set to Madonna's Ray of Light and is also inspired by the video. It depicts the day in the life of their library, in fast motion.


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